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power of attorney lawyer in Doylestown

Why it is important to have a Will - -

There are a number of reasons why it is important to have a Will even if you do not have major assets or property:

          a)  With a Will, the person you choose to conclude your affairs is appointed to serve in the capacity as Executor or Executrix.  This is important because that person, upon your death, can immediately take over and handle ongoing matters that need to be attended to (i.e. funeral arrangements and financial matters, things like payment of ongoing bills, like rent or mortgage, electric, insurance, taxes, etc.).  If there is no Will, then you have left no one in charge of your affairs.  In order to have someone appointed, it may then require protracted and expensive legal procedures.  In the meantime, while no one is appointed and there are ongoing obligations to be attended to, no one is able to handle them.

          b)  A Will provides clear directions as to who is entitled to receive your assets (as opposed to following the Pennsylvania Intestate Statute plan of distribution).  Most people have very specific ideas on who they would like to have the benefit of what they have accumulated during their lifetime.  Frequently a person’s distribution preferences are substantially different than how things would otherwise be distributed under the law if there were no Will. 

          c)  Many Wills typically provide for the guardianship and care of children. Without a Will, the guardianship and care of children may be left up in the air without any expression of preference or input from the decedent.  Frequently, Wills may also have provisions to set aside assets in trust to provide for certain needs of children or other family members (i.e. education, support, medical care, living expenses, etc.).

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